The Internet can work as The worlds biggest university for us only if we know how to use it efficiently. And, Synonymous to the Internet, YouTube is one of the best places to learn multiple things. In this article, we will be mentioning some of the best YouTube Channels for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. (the list presented is in no particular order as everyone has its own tastes). There will be no ranking in these as everyone has different nature of learning. Also, you will find one playlist from each channel further you can go and find more stuff on the channel. Let the hunting for knowledge begin.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – All in One by Andrew Ng

If you ever ask any experienced to list best Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence instructor till now, we can guarantee you Finding The name(‘Andrew Ng’) in that list. Andrew Ng is Co-founder of Coursera, and An Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He had founded and led the “Google Brain” project also he led Baidu’s ~1300 person AI Group, which developed technologies in deep learning, speech, computer vision, NLP, and other areas.

His courses are one of the most reputed courses in the industry, you can also get the certificate form his website Coursera with giving quizzes, assignments and paying a very small amount.

2. Sentdex

You may have already visited his Youtube channel or the famous Python tutorial website(‘’). Harrison Kinsley, the man who runs the channel Sentdex, is well-noted Youtuber for his Python programming, Machine Learning, Django video tutorials. I personally followed his channel while learning Python Programming and loved the way he teaches.

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Here, I attached his Machine Learning playlist, you can also get other playlists such as Deep Learning, Image Recognition and Data Analysis on Sentdex channel.

3. Siraj Raval

This is the name for whom I was personally very excited to write. Siraj Raval teaches the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science etc in a very fun way, you don’t only learn but also enjoy the content. You learn by real-life summaries, provided with coding example and assignments. Also, recently he launched School of AIa learning community helping inspire and educate developers to build Artificial Intelligence in their local communities.

I would recommend you to check his YouTube channel.

4. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OCW is a free and open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum. MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW) is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to publish all of the educational materials from its undergraduate – and graduate-level courses online, freely and openly available to anyone. Here, you can find videos of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science directly from the classes of MIT.

Topics in videos are well explained with good examples to easily understand the concepts.


National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning(NPTEL) which is an initiative by best Indian institutes including seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for building course contents in engineering and science. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science courses are taught by some of the finest professors and faculties of India.

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Also, you can find Machine Learning and Data Analytics course by notable Professor Balaraman Ravindran. You can get a certificate for course by enrolling yourself on

Addition to all these channels there are other good channels for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are Edureka and Simplilearn.

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