Machine Learning Examples in Daily Life

Machine Learning Examples
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Let us explore Machine Learning Examples from real-life. In machine learning, algorithms are created to improve their output every time with experience/data processed or simply say a Model.

Machine Learning Examples :

  • Voice Recognition- Google’s Assistant, Siri, and Cortana: Voice recognition software works with many technologies including Machine Learning. If you remember in early days, it was difficult to talk with these software. However, with time, they became smart enough to clearly recognize your voice and commands. Other technologies are Question Analysis (QA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Data Mashups (DM).


machine learning examples
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  • PayPal Fraud Detection: PayPal, a famous money payment platform, uses machine learning algorithms for detecting fraud during transactions. Using a large amount of data and previous experience, with the help of deep learning and machine learning algorithms, it can detect any deception.


  • Facebook Face Detection: Ever felt weird, when your friend automatically got detected in a photo uploaded by you. The answer is DeepFace– Facebook’s machine learning Facial Recognition Software (FRS). DeepFace can recognize minute differences in human faces with a 25 % degree of accuracy. It is nothing but one of the Machine Learning Examples. 


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  • Google Search: Google search, one of the biggest search engine, uses machine learning algorithms to offer recommendations and suggestions based on previous user searches called as RankBrain.

RankBrain handles around 15 percent of Google’s daily queries.

  • Gmail Automatically Reply Prompt: Most of the time, Gmail automatically shows the reply for the sender. The feature is known as Smart Reply Function.Gmail uses machine-learning algorithms to show such responses.


Machine Learning Examples
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  • Uber: Machine learning is one of the main parts of Uber’s operating model. Using Machine Learning algorithms, it determines arrival times, pick-up locations, and UberEATs’ delivery estimations. It is one of the Machine Learning Examples.

These are some finite and general real-life machine learning examples. Machine Learning algorithms are used on other platforms too, however, remain hidden. Machine Learning and its application in real-life, predicts a bright future to corporate business with innovative solutions.



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