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Top Websites on Internet

Top Websites on Internet
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There is no meaning of Internet if you can’t pull anything valuable from it. World Wide Web is like a vast forest, where you will get everything. That’s why we are here with Top Websites in the forest of the Internet.

List of Top Websites:

  • Quora– One of the Top Websites

Though many of us do not know about it, though we had used it many times for our assignment and works. Quora is a platform where people ask questions and get the answer from some other fellow Quora users. When people like your answer they upvote it, similar to Like button on Facebook.Top Websites

My Quora Profile: Satyam Prasad Tiwari, I have almost 192k views and a decent number of upvotes on my profile.

  • Privnote- One of the Top Websites

Privnote is a platform where you create a note for yourself/someone and after being read it will automatically destruct. No one can access it further. This feature brings it to Top Websites list.

“Just write your note, and you’ll get a link. Then you copy and paste that link into an email (or instant message) that you send to the person who you want to read the note. When that person clicks the link for the first time, they will see the note in their browser and the note will automatically self-destruct; which means no one (even that very same person) can read the note again. The link won’t work anymore.”- Privnote

  • Mailinator– One of the Top Websites

    Top websites
    Source: Mailinator

Every website asks for signup before giving access to its resources. Mailinator.com is the one. It provides a free service that gives you an email address that automatically gets destroyed after a few hours.

  • Project Naptha- One of the Top Websites

This is going to amaze you, Project Napath is a google chrome extension that reads, highlights, copies and translates the text directly from the image/posters.

  • Cheatography- One of the Top Websites

Cheatography is a store of over 2500 cheat sheets, from cooking to programming. Cheatography has the different category for their users. A user can download the cheatsheet directly from the Cheatography.com.

  • What WordPress Theme Is That?- One of the Top Websites

This one is for the bloggers!

Ever went inquiring to know the theme of some specific WordPress websites, whatwpthemeisthat does the work for you. You have to just enter the URL of that website, and it will automatically analyze the website and will let you know the theme website is using.

Top Websites
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Above is the example of Bitsdroid.com

These were some of the top websites that are used in day-to-day professional life. These websites make our life smoother and less compact.  Next, we are coming up with top websites for bloggers.


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